Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fabric Painting Ideas

How to Get Rolling??

When I finally decided to paint and had all the colors, the paint brush, pallet and the holder on the little table around my corner..... I had a strange feeling of butterflies in my tummy.... Felt all my passion dying out....... Simply because I didnt know where to start? what to do? how to finally set my hand on the brush and get going?

For many of you who are stuck with a situation like me.... here are a few tips I found handy...
  • When you first set your fingers through the brush and on the fabric, make sure you start it small. Like the little baby steps start painting small dots, leave, flowers and others rather than fancy patterns
  • Use an old t-shirt which wouldn't leave you upset even if your first attempt doesn't quiet impress

Remember, getting started is what is most important. Rest just follows.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Basics of Fabric Painting

How do I begin??

I had a flavor for painting since my childhood, however with the corporate life keeping me on my toes, life was reduced to nothing beyond work, work and loads of work. On one of those mundane laid back days when I needed a break from my workload, I did a little memory brushing trying to figure out what is it that I really love doing.. the first that popped my mind was painting.
I wanted to try out Fabric painting and started browsing the net, looking through the books and articles...... Wohla!!!!! It kept snow-balling from there. What just started off as a laid-back day's pass-time now became a full-fledged hobby. So wanna know how to get started........ Here we goooooooo.......... All you need is a little time and loads of PASSION and rest just fall in place.

Materials Required
  • Fabric (for starters use cotton fabric)
  • Fabric Paints
  • Paint Pallet (to hold and mix paints)
  • Painting brush (you could use thin and thicker brushes based on the patterns you like to paint)
  • Pencils (to sketch the outline on fabric)
  • Fabric Holder/Board
  • Fabric Correcter (to erase in case of any corrections required)

Points to Remember:

  • For the first few times, use an old cotton t-shirt. I found this extremely handy as it was much easier to use the fabric board and paint when it is a t-shirt.
  • Start with sketching just one or two designs and not elaborate sketching. Then paint them. This gives a flavor on how you need to be doing differently and also boosts your morale pepping you up.
  • Leave the painted fabric for 24hours so that the paint dries completely
  • Next day, Iron the fabric on the other side. This ensures that the paint stays longer
  • Every time you are done with using one color, ensure you thoroughly clean the paint brush in water before going for the next color. This way you avoid the colors getting mixed.

Can you paint if you are not good at sketching??

Most often I have my friends and collegues telling me that they love to do something creative by painting their home curtains and little tweeties on their t-shirts, however they are not good at sketching. Well... the Good news is do not need to be upset. You can still paint though you can't sketch. In the market, you get tracing sheets.

All you have to do is... using the tracing sheets, trace your favorite design on the fabric and then paint it with your favorite colors... Now doesn't that make your life simpler???

So just start painting. Its a wonderful way to give your wardrobe different patterns and designs, while giving wings to your creativity and imgination.